Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sent packing!

Red and Brenda Groves who are good friends to  Mama Sue, Papa Dave and all our Happy House family spent a Bank Holiday night in Blackpool so that they could pack their bags!
Red and Brenda,from Wantage,members of Charity's sponsor family, are heading off to Watamu in October and offered to take 40kg of clothes and other items that have been donated for our children for Christmas.
We packed as much as we could, and look forward to getting more items there with anyone who happens to be going.
If you are planning to visit the Happy House before Christmas  and haven't already been in touch, please contact Mama Sue if you can spare some of your luggage allowance for our kids' Christmas gifts. Her email is sue@childrenofwatamu.net
Thank you so much Red and Brenda for coming to visit, it was lovely to see you. Have a wonderful holiday... we have ordered a special smile from Charity to greet you!
*Charity (right) is pictured with Mariam (centre) and Fatuma, and Brenda and Red are pictured with Mama and Papa.