Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Meet our Louise

Anyone who sponsors one of our children will recognise the name of Louise Webster .. but you are unlikely to know what she looks like.
This is the face behind the emails!  A wonderful volunteer Louise who, despite working as a medical secretary and being a very busy mum to Grace and her little sister Alice, still finds time to look after the sponsorship scheme over here .
It's a lovely job, because it's Louise who gets to introduce every new sponsor to the child whose sponsor family they are joining, and we know how much that means.
She liaises with Rose who allocates child to sponsor and then sends on the news. They are such an efficient team, and so fast.
Louise, married to Gary, lives in Yorkshire and they ventured across the Pennines last week for a day out in Blackpool calling in to see Mama Sue and Papa Dave while they were here... and Gary took this lovely picture.
Louise and her family sponsor our Oscar - Grace's Happy House "twin" brother and they can't wait to get to meet him. They have a holiday booked for August next year and are so excited at the prospect of seeing the Happy House  which was just a shell when they were last there, but the highlight will be getting to know their Oscar. Grace already has lots of plans for things she and her brother can do together.
Louise said they had a wonderful day in Blackpool.
"The went on lots of rides dug in the sand for hours and had donkey rides. We then went and sat near the beach, girls in their pyjamas, and had fish and chips at Little Bispham. They were shattered but didn't fall asleep until half way home, they'd had such a good day.
" And Grace's highlight of the day... seeing Mama Sue and Papa Dave."