Thursday, 16 August 2012

A very special job ...

Putting hope into the hearts of children is Mama Sue's mission in life. Every hour of every day, Mama's prime concern are her Happy House children, those who are in her family there now, and others, over many years to come, who will find a refuge within its walls, 
"It's a very special job", she says. And what better title for our latest video - a mix of stills, and movie footage, which gives an insight into the work of the Happy House and the magic is weaves on young lives,
Award winning photographer, Sheila Davies, who visited the Happy House for the first time last month has produced A Very Special Job.
It is one of 80 audio visual presentations from hundreds of submissions to be selected for a showing at the International Royal Photographic Society AV Festival in Cirencester next month.
We really hope that for Sheila , who sponsors our Rukia, it will be a festival winner ... for us her av is already a winner and we will be using it whenever we can to put our message across to others. Thank you to Sheila for the effort, enthusiasm and expertise you have put into making this for us.
To see it for yourself please click on this link  and please show your friends and colleagues.  
Mama still has so much work to do, so many more children to who need her.
 Please help her  - hers really is A Very Special Job.