Sunday, 12 August 2012

End of term .. by Margaret, Janet and Mercy

School's out and everyone is looking forward to a busy holiday at the Happy House.
The closing day ceremony was captured on camera by Janet, official photographer for the event, and here she Margaret and Mercy share their thoughts on the day in the kids' first blog.
Margaret writes: "It was on Wednesday morning our teachers told us that we were going to close the school on Thursday. We were happy to hear that and when the day reaches, we are all happy, and cheering.
The parents arrived early. The programme was:
Opening prayer—Madam Sarah.
Scouts—Evans was the commander .
Speech – director
Song by KG 1—Madam Tanui .
Poem by kg 3—Madam Sara.
Shairi by kg3 and class 1.
Shairi by class 1, 2, and 3.
Indoor games—Mr. Athman.
We really enjoy the closing day.
I was  placed first in class and beat Evans again.
Girls are now normally the winner. They can't beat girls again!
Janet writes:  I was the camera girl and I took some photos which you are seeing on the blog. I think you will enjoy looking at the pictures. The pupils celebrated well and and they also had some games activities they played well and the winners were Fikiri  and Katana."
Mercy writes: Our closing day was good every thing was going well. We were happy because we were closing the school now we are at home helping. Today I was in garden and we took the maize from the cob  and sister Janet took some photos. On closing day the meal was rice and meat we enjoy our meal and some parents tasted the food and they said it was nice!  We were happy and smiling.
Thanks kids for sharing the excitement of the day. There will be more of Janet's pictures on our Happy House Facebook page later today: