Saturday, 14 May 2011

Well deserved rest!

It's never easy for Sue to leave her Happy House family for more than a few hours, but she has accepted that she and Dave  do need the occasional break.
So yesterday, they waved goodbye and took themselves off for four days of rest and relaxation at a resort near Mombasa.
Billy says: "Hard work without a break won't be good for Mama, we all agree. We shall surely miss them but equally we want them on their best form and wish them a very happy time."
From all of us in the UK and beyond: "Have a lovely time Sue and Dave, you deserve it."
Before leaving Sue popped in to say farewell and thank you to fundraisers, volunteers and sponsors Dawn-Heather and Judith.
Billy says "Sadly they finished their time with us today. We can only thank them and wish them well. They have been an enormous help with the babies and in school."
On Friday afternoons the nursery school children watch educational dvds ad yesterday their on-screen teachers were Roger Hargreaves' Mr Men and Little Miss characters.
The kids love these Friday lessons. As Billy says: "Educational information is disseminated in a child friendly manner and in a relaxing scenario.
"As always, learning at the Happy House is summed up with one word FUN!"
We really need more educational  dvds and cd-roms for the kids to learn computer skills. If you have any you no longer need please send them to me, Elizabeth Gomm, and I'll make sure they get to the Happy House. email: for my address.