Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Little star, puddles and pizza!

Mariam is a lovely little girl, always looking out for the younger kids and really considerate. And now she's received a Star of the Week Award in recognition of her gentle nature. Auntie Rose tells me: "Mariam Safari won the Star of the Week for being kind, helpful and loving to everyone."  Congratulations Mariam from all of us.
When it rains
It is the rainy season, so we shouldn't be surprised to see puddles in the Happy House grounds. Uncle Billy tells me it was raining very heavily yesterday morning. "So the babies have to stay in doors to keep warm  since the banda was marooned and hence outta bounds, not to worry though since they have lots of toys and facilities for indoor play right here in the house."
Bread oven
Billy has also sent a photograph of the brick built oven which has just been finished.
He says: "The jiko, or traditional oven,  is now where bread is being baked by chef Habel, hence saving on the liquid gas and cutting costs which is just a brilliant idea. I wish you were here to taste the bread for lunch on Saturday. It was yummy yummy!
"That's not all, our kids will start having pizza for dinner some days!
"The stove uses very little energy hence being ideal for these hard economic times.
" Now then Libz, when are you coming for a bite?"
Billy, if only I had wings I'd be there for lunch!