Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cold comfort

Heavy blankets are not something we are likely to need at the Happy House ... even in the rainy season, temperatures in Watamu never drop low enough for anything more than a lightweight cover.
But we do have blankets given to us  in stock and Sue has been keen to see they should be put to good use.
So with help from Valerie,  a friend and a member of the East African Women's League,  Sue has donated some of the blankets to charities working up in the north of the country, near Nairobi, where it is much, much colder.
Some of the blankets have gone up to Nanyuki  to be used by women and children women who are thrown into jail- the women accused of being accomplices to their husbands,  others have been sent to the women and children made homeless when the Mukuru-Maasai slum  was burnt to the ground in March.
Other blankets have this week been  taken by Jane Parmley of the East African Women's League Rosslyn branch to The Nest Charity which is a children's home for kids whose mums are in prison.
"I am sending a  big thank you from the Nest, the blankets are are much appreciated,"  said Jane (pictured back left,with American visitors to the Half-Way House)
Sue says: "I delighted to hear the blankets are being put to good use, as I knew they would be, it is no use us having things not needed here at the Happy House in our store, when so many others can benefit."