Sunday, 1 May 2011

Farewell to friends

It was with heavy hearts and some tears that we said goodbye to our six rescue kids.
The children, who were entrusted to us last October, temporarily, by the children's office after we exposed the terrible conditions at a place posing as a children's "home", are now being repatriated to be close to their own families.
They'd been brought many miles to Watamu and as they do have parents or close relatives it is important that they should return to them or, at least, be close enough for regular visits. All are being carefully monitored by the children's office in their area.
We were so sad to see them go, in six months with us they have become very much a part of our family, and they ,too, were full of mixed feelings ... wanting to stay, but also wanting to go to their families too.
But they were only ever with us until they had given their evidence in the court case against the mama running the "children's home", unfortunately that took much longer than we ever expected.
We have played our part, bringing them back to good health, keeping them safe, happy and well adjusted, and each and every one of them knows that all though they may no longer be with us they will always be "Happy House Kids" and welcome to visit if and when they can.
Our magic has worked on these children and the space they leave will make room for others who are now in far greater need.
Tears flowed freely as our kids sang a farewell song and there were many hugs before they piled into the car with Papa Dave at the wheel.
It was he who had the hardest part of all, taking them to the children's office to start their journey home. It was a very emotional trip for them all, but Papa was able to return with Franco as a passenger... the children's office putting him in the custody of his grandma who lives locally.
Saying goodbye to friends is one of life's hard lessons, and it is one even our kids have to learn.