Monday, 30 May 2011

The new boss!

Running the The Happy House is a full time job and while Supermama Sue would willingly work all the hours God sends  for her kids , everyone needs some rest.
So who steps in to take charge  at weekends, you may wonder?
I'm happy to reveal that toddling into her VIP shoes , climbing on to her seat and taking on this vital role is  none other than Linus.
Uncle Billy explains: "The Happy House is a busy place and we have agreed that Mama should occasionally take time off.
"With that in mind,on Friday evening she took  time to orientate  the new guy who was to take care of her busy schedule while she was away...... Linus is the new boss for the weekend.
"Believe you me he started giving orders....I being  the first recepient  who had little option but to oblige!
"Yes Boss!"
Billy kept his email short and too the point, adding: " My  weekend boss might dislike it if I spend too much time holed up in the office. " And signed it,
"Obedient Worker, Billy. "
I've not heard from Billy since , so, i guess,  Linus must have been keeping his nose firmly to the grindstone!