Sunday, 29 May 2011

Charity's big smile

Charity is our Happy House thinker and although we all know that she can and does smile often, she goes into thoughtful mode nearly every time a camera is pointed in her direction.
But yesterday Uncle Billy was out and about with the camera and caught her unawares - just look how her face lights up when she smiles.
Billy says: "Now who says that Charity never smiles?  Now you all got proof."
Thank you
Andrea Manders, who is in Natasha's sponsor family, sold surplus plants from her garden and raised £8 in donations from girls working at Westview, Fleetwood. She has bought seeds with the money which are now on the way to the Happy House. Thank you Andrea and thank you Westview.
If you are raising money for the Happy House please email me with all the details so  I can help publicise your event on the blog and on Facebook.
Wonder webmaster
Another big, big thank you to Chris Franklin, who created and looks after our website, when the host company crashed it on Friday, without having backed-up as they should have done.  Chris, who does everything voluntarily for the charity, plus raising money and sponsorsing Harrison,  swept into action re-constructing it in  record time. Where would we be without you, Chris? Thanks and lots of smiles. Please take a look at the homepage and , if you are on Facebook, please click where it says like. I'm sure you will!