Sunday, 15 May 2011

Super Saturday

Saturday brings a day when the kids can let off steam, or just be quiet. It's up to them!
The older children who are attending Sawa Sawa School have classes in the morning, and the others go out to church while the little ones stay at home.
After lunch it's time for everyone to chill out. Yesterday, the children helped by doing some weeding to clear a pathway from to the washing lines, to make life easier for the aunties. Now the rains have arrived the weeds are shooting up everywhere!
John received gifts from Shanti Persaud, a member of his sponsor family, and, as the children always do,  shared them out with the others. Sauma and Pendo are pictured wearing news dresses sent by sponsors Karen and Lyla Hamadi. Pendo Francis is modelling a third dress ... while Peninah looks on.
Uncle Billy will be writing thank you letters, but joins us all in saying a huge thank you to everyone whose contributions make such a big difference to the lives of the Happy House kids