Thursday, 12 May 2011

On a daily basis

Ever looking at ways to help the Happy House become more self-supporting, Sue has introduced daycare services for babies.
Following requests from local business people, so impressed by the way we look after our children they wanted us to look after their own,  we have the first two fee-paying admissions.
They are Joe, who will be two in September, and Vicky, 15 months.
Joe's dad is an accountant and his mum the pharmacist in Watamu. Last year on Joe's first birthday, September 26, they brought him to the Happy House so that he could share his own celebration with our kids, bringing cake and juice for the kids and gifts of food for our store cupboard.
Vicky's dad is an insurance agent and her mum a beautician.
Both sets of parents felt that spending all day with a housegirl was having negative effects as their children were not reaching the developmental milestones they should be.  At the Happy  House, they will be cared for in a safe and happy environment with lots of playmates and planned activities to stimulate both little brains and little bodies.
Sue and her team believe offering day care is a good way of encouraging early learning and introducing the pre-school concept, whilst generating an income at the same time, plus setting the pace for more enrolments in nursery school, and generating an income at the same time.
As you can see Joe (in yellow) has soon settled in buddying up with our Stevie, while our Harry seems nonplussed by having a not-so-sure Vicky join him in the baby banda.