Monday, 9 May 2011

Let it rain

The eagerly-awaited rainiy season has arrived, and after all the preparation and planting, everything is growing in the Happy House garden.
And that means lots of fresh, nutrituous, vegetables to harvest and for Habel to cook for our children - cutting our costs as well as helping to build strong, healthy kids.
The Happy House magic spreads into the community, too,  helping local families put food on to their own tables, as the weeds grow so fast we sometimes have to hire local women, as casual labour, to help our gardeners.
And even if they only work for a day, with the economic situation at this time of year, when there are very few tourists around and many people out of work, the advantages are real and great.
Fresh food, healthy kids and women in work .... the rain really does bring triple advantages.
Bear-ly there!
Today I have a whole list of  Happy House things to do, but one of the nicest will be delivering a very wise old teddy bear to the little girl who correctly guessed his name at the Happy House fair in Blackpool on Saturday.  His name is Billy ... now who, we wonder, was he named after, Uncle Billy?