Friday, 6 May 2011

First day at school

So this is what you do all day?
A new term and six of our toddlers are discovering what their big sisters and brothers do all day.
Stevie, Linus, Neema, Charity and twins Pendo and Sauma have joined the baby class in our nursery and taking their first steps towards learning.
They are spending their morning at school and then going back to the baby banda in the afternoons.
There was a little uncertainty as Uncle Billy and Mama Prescha escorted them to class, and a few tears when they left, but with encouragement from the older children they were soon smiling again and happily scribbling away.
Sue says they'd agreed that the six little ones were ready for school and had decided to get them started while Dawn Heather and her friend Helen are visiting and happy to act as extra classroom assistants.
As headteacher Madam Rose insists all her pupils should be in the smart red Happy House nursery uniform, the tailor is busily stitching uniform for the new starters .. won't they look smart?