Monday, 16 May 2011

Imprinted with kindness

When Sue was back in the UK she and I worked together on producing a new Happy House brochure telling the story of our family so far and outlining plans for the future ... with the emphasis on extending the school to primary class provision.
We feel it's vital to give our children, and others, an opportunity to continue their learning using from innovative teaching methods we have introduced in the nursery.
The kids are flying, and we certianly don't want to clip their wings.
Adding primary classes means raising a lot of money, so I am now in the process of writing to grant making trusts and foundations across the UK who do make donations to charities like ours.
There is a lot of them and, in this current economic climate, it is a very competitive field, but we are hopeful with the right approach, backed up by our brochure, we will strike a chord with some.
So if you know of any trusts, corporate businesses etc with charity funds  please let me know.
The company you work for may well have a charity fund which accepts applications via employees, please investigate and if that is the case and you would be willing to put us forward I will happily draft a letter and send a brochure for you to forward.
So check into it and let me know by email
The brochures are excellent and the result of real teamwork between Sue and I and Mark and Andy at Minuteman Press, Blackpool.
Mark and Andy (who designed our logo) have been great friends and support to Sue since she started her charity.
Mark who owns the business at 2B Fox Industrial Estate, Holyoake Avenue , Blackpool (,  continues his support by very kindly donating the total cost of producing the brochures. Thank you so much Mark.
Having a good time!
You'll all be  delighted to hear that Sue and Dave are having a really lovely break, enjoying  their well-deserbed  few days rest and relaxation in a hotel near Mombasa. So good that Sue tells me (and it's music to my ears) that they are going to do it more often!