Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Children's treasures

Letters, emails, postcards and photographs are amongst our children's most treasured possessions.
Those thoughtful messages, sent by members of their sponsor families in in the Uk and other parts of the world, mean just so much to the kids.
To know that someone beyond the Happy House, in another land, thinks about and loves them - even though they have never met - is just so special for kids who have come from such dire circumstances and have had so little. 
They take great pride and pleasure in keeping these treasures in their memory boxes.
Uncle Billy explains: " The sponsors who send mail, letters,postcards,pictures etc are helping to build their child's memory boxes.
"The kids always frequent Mama Sue's and Auntie Rose's office to go through their boxes which  constitute part of their earthly treasures.
" It gives them a warm feeling to always remind themselves of their beloved family members abroad - a noble meeting of minds and hearts!
" Please take a little time and just post a little message,picture etc, it will be more valuable than gold to our little angels. I hope we won't be asking for too much with this humble plea.
"Thank you for making it possible, through your sponsorship,  to give love and care to our deserving kids."