Saturday, 28 May 2011

Starring role

This week at Kidz Club, Francis was awarded Star of the Week for being so helpful in the kitchen.
He's so eager to give a hand at washing-up time Rose tells me he climbs up on to the worktop so that he can reach.
"By the time he finishes his little legs are all washed up and clean, too," says Rose.
He now has a Star of the Week certificate , presented by Sue, to keep in his memory box.
John and Harrison (yellow t-shirt) celebrated their birthdays at Kidz Club this week when they each received a gift. 
Website down
If anyone has tried using the website in the last 24 hours they'll know we have a major problem. The host company crashed the site and our amazing webmaster Chris Franklin, who does so much to support us and has done for years, is working on rebuilding it.
In the meantime, please refer anyone who would like more information (in the UK0 to me Elizabeth Gomm at, telephone 07905 130 589; or (in Kenya) to Sue Hayward by emailing, telephone (00254) 726 335215.
We always point newcomers to our website so they can get a real picture of what we do, so whilst this is an incovenience it is only a temporary glitch and, thanks to Chris,  normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.