Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Woodn't it be lovely!

 Making best use of resources available is one of Mama's greatest strengths.
If she sees a way that we can improve and keep down costs, she makes it happen.
And with a plentiful supply of wood on our four acre site, she has decided on a wood burning oven.
"A wood burning oven  is being built at the back of the house, near the kitchen,
" It is going to cost £500 but will be an investment and bring long term savings.
"We have been pruning the trees and have masses of wood. 
"When the cooks are baking bread, especially for school,  they are baking tray after tray after tray in a small oven.
" With this oven they can do them all in one go, saving on the gas and the electricity. There will always be plenty of wood for fuel.
" Habel  from Marina Restaurant is coming to show us how to make pizza, when it is complete. 
"Then the kids will be able to have pizza as an occasional treat.  
"It can be used for cooking lots of different things. 
" Last week I showed the cooks how to make shepherd's pie and the kids loved it and all wanted more."