Friday, 11 March 2016

£5 challenge in Fleetwood and Day of Prayer

Fleetwood Rotary Club members are rising to the challenge of using their talents to turn a fiver into something special.
Members were given £5 at the start of the year along with a challenge, issued by Sandra Foulkes, of using it to generate as much money as they could for Happy House.
On March 23,  Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Auntie Libby will be at their meeting to discover just what innovative fundraisers have done and how much they have raised.
Sandra, who works with Rotakids in Larkholme School and is a governor at Charles Saer,  has used her £5 to buy small organza bags and a can of silver spray. 
She sprayed a pile of pebbles which children in both schools bought and personalised with single words to give to their mums in Little Bags of Love for Mother's Day.
Another two Rotarians  pooled resources to rent a pitch at a car boot sale to turn their trash into treasure.
These are just a couple of the cash boosting ideas, the rest will be revealed later this month and we just can't wait to hear what they have all been up to.
Thank you to Sandra, who sponsors Pendo and Saumu,  and to all those taking part - every penny you raise will make a huge difference.

Women's World Day of Prayer

The kindness of the 40 or so women who turned out on a bitterly cold night to a service of celebration, music and worship for Women's World Day of Prayer brought a special warmth to the beautiful of old church in Eagland Hill, Lancashire.  Our UK coordinator Elizabeth Gomm was delighted to take part in the service by speaking on the work of Mama Sue and her Happy House.  The ladies were inspired by what Sue has achieved in changing the lives of so many children and also in by the way in which some had been successfully reunited with relatives and integrated into their local communities.