Saturday, 12 March 2016

Esther takes a tumble

Our Esther took a tumble during playtime and is now sporting a plaster cast!
She underwent an examination and x-ray at Dr Erulus clinic and he diagnosed a greenstick fracture which should heel quickly. 
Mr Steve was there while the plaster was applied and Mama nearby to give her encouragement, comfort and kisses!
 Uncle Billy says of Esther "All is well with our brave little princess."

Birthdays and au revoir

There were two birthdays to celebrate at Happy House this week - Pendo who is turning nine today and Baraka  who is also nine.
Papa had the important task of handing over their birthday gifts while everyone at Kidz Club sang happy birthday to the children.
Mama and Papa explained to the family that they were going on a short visit to the UK and that they would be back very soon.
And as a special treat there were fresh mangoes all round.
Everyone  wished Mama and Papa a safe and happy journey.