Thursday, 3 March 2016

Wildlife spectacle for safari adventurers

Elephants, big cats, zebra, giraffe and more, the wonders of Kenya's wildlife world revealed themselves to our wide-eyed Happy House kids on their safari adventure.
It was a dream come true for the 14 Form One students, all on scholarship in our school, and a reward from Mama for passing their KCPE exam in November.
Accompanied by Mama Sue, Papa Dave, head teacher Madam Milka and their Class Eight teacher, Mr Isaac, the set off from Happy House in a convoy of three land cruisers for the two and half hour drive to Tsavo East National Park.
 And the wildlife came out to greet them as they were treated to spectacular scenes on their game drives through the national park, learning so much from the experienced guides who travelled with them.
Staying overnight in one of the Park's lodges was another eye-opening experience for our young people who come from very humble homes. 
Eating food of their choice in the restaurant, their comfortable en suite bedrooms and being able to take a cooling dip in the swimming pool  was the stuff of their dreams.
New and exciting experiences that will stay with them always.
Mama said: "The safari was brilliant, the kids truly had the best time ever. 
"At breakfast, Moses and Nasri stood up to say  thank you for everything.
" Nasri who is 16 said I did not know I could use a fork until yesterday,  to eat in the lodge restaurant, it was the experience of a lifetime". 
Moses said:
"My father has 50 years and he has never done what I have in the past two days. To travel to Tsavo, to see so many wild animals, to stay in a lodge in a bedroom with a bathroom, to swim in a real swimming pool. So many things I never thought I would do in my life, now I have done." 
"They were all so very grateful," sad Mama.
"I replied by saying, this is what can be earned through hard work. Now you have experienced these things you will want to do more, so pass your exams and make your way in life. "

Now they are back in school they are going to do a notice board with write ups and pictures.
" We are going to have group discussions especially with classes 7 and 8 so they can be inspired to do well.
"What touched me most was that all the kids were so grateful that I had kept my word and taken them ob the safari I promised when they started their KCPE exam year."