Monday, 14 March 2016

Spreading the love in Italy

Susanna, Daniela and Laura
 Some wonderful friends in Italy have been spreading the love for our Happy House family and making new friends for our children.
Laura Astoria and Daniela Bonassi held a  fundraising dinner which was a huge success resulting in a total of 2500 euro.
Laura writes: " We first visited Happy House  in January 2014 and we immediately felt a special affection for all of you and the many happy children living there.
We developed a special connection with some of the children and Daniela became Peninah's sponsor and myself Peter and Paul's and then Freddie, when Peter and Paul returned to live with their mother.
We hope and trust that with our contribution they can live and grow in a safe and caring environment, thanks to your passion and love. 
This year we came up with a new idea to raise some extra money and inform new people about your work at Happy House.
Myself and Daniela arranged a charity dinner for friends and acquaintances. In the beginning we were not sure we could raise much interest and optimistically set our target to 50 people... and they quickly became 105, the maximum the restaurant, Antico Mulino in Rovato,  could hold.
We feared that in a small village, where we live, people would not be interested in this kind of events but were proved wrong,
The dinner was a great success and people were highly interested in knowing more about Happy House and glad to give their generous contributions!
The dinner has been arranged at a friend's restaurant, with photos of  Happy House children all over the place and was followed by live music.
We also played collection of videos and  photos, including the  birth of your school, Mama Sue and Papa Dave and the children, together with some special moments we shared with them over the past two years.  Everyone was deeply moved and we can say that a piece of  Kenya is now in their hearts too.
 We could not have done this without help from Susanna Gregorio’s help, she introduced us to Happy House and to our children and we are very grateful for  this and honoured by her friendship.
Thanks to her we knew what the real Africa is like and are were proud to have the opportunity to share this knowledge and strong emotions with our friends.
 We collected a good amount of  donations and more offers are still coming in.. 
Thank you for what you are doing to make these children's lives happy.”
And our thanks to you Laura and Daniela for arranging this fantastic event,  to Susanna for her help and to all your friends who supported you and gave so generously.
Your love is greatly appreciated and every euro will make a difference to the lives of children in need.