Thursday, 31 March 2016

Snap happy, photography lessons for model kids

Photography graduate Gussy Bunbury is a great asset to our school.
Now well settled as a volunteer she is helping with computer lessons, helping some of our little ones who struggle with speech to improve their language skills and teaching photograpy to some of the primary students.
Gussy writes:
During the first week of photography lessons at Happy House the children were excited by the prospect of capturing their own images; this was evident by the hundreds of photos that were taken! 
With most never having used a camera before, I quickly covered the basics of photography before the children rushed around the school giving it a go.
Their favourite subject to photograph was one another, with everyone striking their best pose in front of the camera. 
For their next lesson I encouraged the children to focus on the world around them, seeing what else within the school environment they could photograph. 
They took to the challenge admirably, exploring the different textures, patterns and still life objects the school had to offer, although they couldn’t resist the odd photograph of their friend! 
Sifting through the hundreds of photographs, I have been really impressed by what I have seen and am excited to see what else the children can produce.