Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Students turn to chores into cash for Happy House

 Raising money for Happy House was a cheerful chore for youngsters from Cheadle Hulme School.
Head of Year 8, Peter Upton, handed his students blank cheques and asked them to go home andoffer to do the household chores for family and friends in exchange for donations.
Then they could return the cheques filled in with the amount they had earned.
The cash brought  from the chores weekend  along with an odd sock and shoes day and other fundraisers in school during the autumn term brought in a magnificent £2061.
Yesterday, Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Elizabeth visited the school for a special assembly where Mama was able to tell them how they had helped to furnish our secondary school.
She thanked them for all they had done and how special it was that they were children, helping children less fortunate than themselves.
Happy House and Cheadle Hulme are working together to forge stronger link between the two. Our little ones even had fun mixing up their socks and shoes to pose for a thank you picture for their friends in Cheshire.
The link between the school is particularly poignant as Cheadle Hulme, now one of the North West most prestigious schools, started life in the 1855 as a school for orphaned children. 
Thank you Cheadle Hulme for your support and love for our Happy House kids. You are doing a great job!