Saturday, 5 March 2016

Caring and sharing

 Caring and sharing is at the heart of everything Mama Sue does at the Happy House.
It is a message she drives home to members of our family, and which she illustrates time and time again. 
This week there was a joyful afternoon in school when the Happy House invited members of the local football community to come in to visit.
As we had a surplus of adult soccer shirts in our store room, Mama decided it would be nice to share them with local teams -Timboni Football Club, Starlet Football Club and Descent Football Club.
They were absolutely thrilled that they will have shirts to play in.
Mr Steve, our sports teacher, said: "Thanks to mama sue for her love, caring and sharing may the Lord bless her and those who donated these sports kit abundantly, thank you so much. "
* While we have plenty of shirts, we do need  new or good condition secondhand adult sized football boots for our older boys - UK sizes 7 upwards. If you may be able to help, please contact Thank you.