Wednesday, 9 March 2016

School report: Reward spur for whole school

 Madam Sarah Wanjiku  brings us a report on the last week in Happy House School:
  Everyone in school is excited to hear about the safari adventure of our Form One secondary students.
They had an enjoyable break in Tsavo, courtesy of Mama Sue and Papa Dave, as  a reward for their good performance in the KCPE in which all of them emerged victors. 
Our lovely Mama says this is going to be an annual trip for all the candidates who pass their national exam.
They will, like this Form One, have fun after a long hard working period in their primary level education.
Without doubt, the current candidates will do their best to set good or still, higher records so that they too can go on a safari come next year.
In the rest of the school,  learners  came back from half term ready to continue with the normal school schedule.
 They looked refreshed and determined to go on which is an indication that the break did them good. In general, everything is moving on swiftly.