Sunday, 20 March 2016

An opportunity to learn, by Kelvin

Schooling is something many young people in Kenya cannot take for granted. It always depends on money, and if there's no money, there is no school.
That is how it was for Kelvin Baraka who is being brought up by his elderly grandmother. A Happy House Dr Danwata Scholarship changed his fortunes and secured his education.
He writes:
"I would like to thank everybody who makes sacrifices  and donated to us so that we can learn. 
I thank also Mama Sue and Papa Dave because they have given us an opportunity to learn. I promise everybody that I am going to do my best in my education so that I can achieve in my life. 
I also I thank the friends who also give things to us like clothes and books and also those who remember us in their word of prayer.
 I also thank our teachers and Doctor Danwata for this scholarship opportunity."
*If you would like to know how you can sponsor the education of a scholarship student like Kelvin please contact Elizabeth Gomm  With your help more young people like Kelvin will have the chance to come to our school and look forward to a bright future.