Monday, 28 March 2016

Esther is on the mend and visitors at home and away!

Our little Esther who fractured her arm in a playground topple is well on the mend.
She has been to hospital for an x-ray to check that the fracture is healing well and Uncle Billy said they confirmed it was properly aligned and healing
She was a bit apprehensive but very good.
Well done Esther.

Greetings for guests in Kenya

Visitors are always welcome and Auntie Velma, Auntie Rose and Auntie Jessica were delighted to meet Attached is a Jan,Patrick, Phanice and Lawrence who were on holiday from Manchester and to show them around our wonderful Happy House.
Thank you for coming to see us. Please tell your friends.

And visitors for Mama & Papa in UK

Anyone who sponsors a Happy House kid will know the name of Louise Webster,
Louise is the wonderful volunteer who sends out all the profiles to new sponsors.
It's a task she loves and willingly fits in to her very busy life.
Yesterday she and her lovely family, husband Gary and children Grace and Alice drove over from Yorkshire for lunch and a catch up with Mama and Papa.
They are counting the days until their trip to Watamu and the Happy House in August - after the disappointment of previous cancellation.
This will be the fifth visit for Louise and Gary, the fourth for the girls, and the are so excited and especially looking forward to seeing their sponsor child Oscar again.
And the Happy House family can't wait to see you again too.