Wednesday, 30 March 2016

School Report: A trip to the salt mines

There was a fascinating school trip for Classes 8 and 5 when they visited the Gongoni Salt mine in Malindi district.
Mr Khamisi and Madam Nelly said the aim of the visit was to see for themselves how salt is harvested, processed and packed.
The youngsters were able to get a hand-on understanding of the process at every stage.
They also learnt the salt, discovering that it is used for much more than flavouring their ugali!
They were surprised to hear that salt in can be used more than 14,000 different ways from the making of products as varied as plastic, paper, glass, polyester, rubber and fertilisers to household bleach, soaps, detergents and dyes.
Our students and staff were were thanked by the host company for their cooperation and were congratulated on being so well behaved and ordered.
On the return to school they were sharing  stories of what they had encountered in the day .
Our baby class has been really hands on.
They have been having great fun making their handprints with Md Sarah showing them how.
This kind of activity is great fun for the kids who  are learning about colour and texture and enjoy counting their fingers as they make their personalised picture.
Md Sarah is pictured helping Neema to make her print.
In sport, 10 Happy House kids went to Gede for the inter-school netball and of those Evans (right)  won through to take part in the zonal contest.

Well done year 7

Joanne Rossall's Year 7 at St Aidan's CE Technology College have raised £18.17 with a guess the number of sweets in the jar. The winner was Sam Johnson who got himself a hamper ull of Easter treats. Mrs Rossall said that with other loose change they had raised £27.42 in the last few weeks. Thanks St Aidan's, your continued kindness toward  our family, and especially for your sponsor child Farida, means so much.