Friday, 24 July 2015

Walking wonders of Worcester!

A very well done and huge thanks to all the school families at Tibberton First School and its
sister school Hindlip CE First, near Worcester.
They have been raising funds for our Happy House once again, this time by doing sponsored laps of the Hindlip school field - with some obstacles along the way.
The children walked their legs off as a tribute and reminder to the long distances many children in Kenya have to walk to get to school.
Tibberton total is fast approaching £500 whilst Hindlip still has to finalise its total to add to this,
"We were very proud of the children’s perseverance and the record was 21 laps (perhaps equivalent to 4-5 miles)," said head of school, Alex Gromski.
We promise you that every penny you have raised will be put to very good to make life better for our children. 
Thank you all on an amazing effort, it looks like you had a lot of fun too!

St Aidan's helps again

And our friends at St Aidan's CE Technology College, Preesall, Lancs, have sent us the good news that we will be receiving a cheque for £150 from their non-uniform day. Thank you St Aidan's.