Thursday, 30 July 2015

New shoes needed

Uncle Billy with  just a few of the worn out shoes!
It's a very good thing school breaks up on Friday because some of our kids are literally down on their uppers!
Their leather school shoes have had so much wear that the soles are full of holes and beyond repair.
With so many kids needing black leather shoes for school, we do hand down those that are outgrown but not outworn.
School shoes are precious and very well looked after, polished every day by the children who have a shoe polishing rota.
Now with the walk to and from school every day, shoes are getting more wear than they were and walking on uneven ground, based on sharp

coral, does take its toll.
But we do need to buy a lot of replacements so if you could donate £10 to buy a pair of shoes for your sponsor child, or for another child, please make a donation via JustGiving including "shoes" in the message field.
Thank you in advance, with your help our our kids will start next term walking on sunshine!