Saturday, 11 July 2015

Friends indeed

Our newest volunteer Grace Dunbar has grown up with Happy House in her life.
Most of  Grace's family have visited over the years, and her grandparents Brenda and Red Groves are are hugely supportive.  They are in Charity's sponsor family, Grace's uncle Terry Stocks sponsors Brian and scholarship student Lovinne, and  her sister Chloe Groves is in Saidi's sponsor family.
Grace's plans to volunteer last year were put on hold when the Foreign Office warned against travel, but this year she was determined she was going to get there.
And now she's there and making herself very useful helping out wherever she can.
Grace, from Wantage, brought with her lots of things that had been donated. Plus some money from Brenda and Red for a treat for the children - mangoes at Kidz Club on Tuesday, and to buy some groceries for our family.
Thank you to friends and family who sent clothes etc, and to Brenda and Red for their generous gifts,
You are wonderful friends who we can always rely on..
And a very special birthday greeting to Stephano who received his birthday git (plus mango!) at Kidz Club .