Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Goodbye gathering

A family gathering, organised by the children on Saturday, was our Happy House way of saying goodbye to three volunteers,
And yesterday  Grace Dunbar, Angie Carmon and her daughter Emma Costello  popped into school to say another goodbye as they had all spent time helping out in the classrooms.
Grace, who had been volunteering for a month, while Angie and Emma had flown out for a week, started their journeys back home yesterday - Grace direct to the UK while Angie and Emma were heading to Dubai where Emma lives, where Angie will spend a few days before leaving for the UK.
Grace and Emma
The kids arranged a lively programme of activities for their guests with competitions in volleyball and netball - girls versus boys.  The boys won the volleyball and the girls, who has Emma and Grace on their side, triumphed at netball.
We also had tug of war game which ended with a draw after each side winning a pull each.
A game of musical chairs was won by KG kid Baraka.The teachers entertained with a sonf and "bye, bye" message to our friends,
After the competitions we all enjoyed eating sweet apples, bobbing for them first, and then the floor was left open for dancing..
Our teacher, Mr. Mdachi and Emma took to the dancefloor to the cheers of everyone and some of the other teachers and Papa joined in dancing too.
Thanks to everyone who took part and we wish our friends a safe journey.