Monday, 6 July 2015

A pride of place

At Happy House we all take a great pride in our lovely surroundings.
And everyone is encouraged to look after and take care of them.
Keeping  home and school neat and tidy, discouraging litter and being mindful of others is kept uppermost in all our minds,
Our children are brought up knowing how hard others work to make the Happy house possible - our wonderful Mama and Papa and their team, but also every one of YOU, our supporters, without whom it would not be possible.
Mama not only wants her children to be proud of their school and home, she also wants them to take responsibility for it.
And they do so happily, 
The kids really enjoy helping to keeping their school clean and tidy, working side by side with their teachers to spruce it up .
It's cleaned daily by out staff, but the kids enjoy and learn from giving it an occasional extra polish!