Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Angie's a top woman

Brave Angie Carmon endured injury and gale force winds to trek up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, to raise money for Happy House.
And she's on top of the world after netting a wonderful £600 in donations from her friends, family and colleagues.
It was an extreme challenge for Angie,from Morecambe,who heads out to Kenya in a couple of weeks time to volunteer with our family.
He son, Alex, 24,  went along with her to support and encourage her.
Angie said: "We set off up Mt Snowdon at 9am. I climbed with amazing support from Alex. 
 It was just starting to rain lightly.  I was shocked on the first hill but the walking got easier.  I found the first half of the climb easier that I expected once I got into the pace of walking.  
"The weather changed often during the walk.  We were surprised to find a cafe half way up called the Halfway House cafe.  We were quite wet by this stage and went in quickly for a drink and snack.  After this we continued walking but the higher we got the harder it became. 
" Soon after I  pulled muscle in my groin but despite this I continued the walk.  We soon reached the heights of the clouds and at times could not see more than a couple of metres in front of us.  We battled winds up to 45 miles an hour, having to stop and turn your back to the wind to hold your place on the mountain. 
"The wind came in gusts so you just had to stop when they came.  The rain persevered but our spirits were high.  "The mountain got steeper the higher you walked. Walkers returning down the mountain told us conditions were very poor and that both the cafe and the train were not open due to the bad conditions. 
" As I continued to walk the pain in my groin got worse.  Alex asked me several times if I wanted to stop but I was determined to continue which I did for as long as I could.
"  In agony I finally admitted I needed to stop.  We were about 15 minutes from the summit but I could no longer manage the pain and knew I had a descent to do. The descent down the mountain is as difficult as the climb which I was not expecting.  
"With all sorts and different size rocks beneath your feet and the steep decline, particularly at the top each step must be taken with care. I became ill on the way down and became very fatigued but with fantastic support from Alex I was relieved when I got to the bottom. 
"I would like to say a huge thank you to Alex for all the love and support he gave me.  I could not have done the climb without him.
" I have managed to raise over £600 in sponsorship so would like to thank all those who supported me ultimately supporting the Happy House."
Our thanks to Angie, to Alex, and to everyone who supported her fantastic effort.
We know that she and her daughter will have a brilliant time volunteering at Happy House and for Angie the iciing on her cake will be meeting her sponsor child, Neema!
If you would like to add your donation to Angie's total please go to: https://www.justgiving.com/Angie-Carmon/