Monday, 27 July 2015

Masterchef at work in our Kenya kitchen!

 Papa took over as chef in charge of cookery club on Saturday.
And dish of choice for his master class with the kids was one of his specialities - vegetable chilli.
Mama said: "They loved it!
"It was very healthy with veggie mince,and  fresh tomatoes from our garden.
"Next week we making healthy breakfasts fresh fruit smoothies and porridge. 
"Here in Kenya  people tend to eat lots of fried and very greasy food, even for breakfast - chapati, munharbra which is similar to a friend doughnut, or fried chunks of potatoes. No wonder so many people have high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.
Our children are so fit and healthy. We do not fry any food, all the veggies are fresh daily from the garden. At least three times a week they have moringa leaves mixed in with the greens.
" Moringa is often called the tree of life the leaves are bursting with vitamins and so are the kids!
"They have fresh fruit daily. pawpaw, passion fruit and bananas often from our own trees.
" If volunteers or sponsors want to buy a treat for the children we ask for apples or mango, as we cannot grow them and the kids love them."