Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Model kids!

Being all dressed up gives our kids something to smile about!
When you know, as they do, what it has been like to have only shabby clothes, or at worst, rags to wear the novelty of new clothes just doesn't wear off.
So having a new dress, t-shirt or pair of shorts has them laughing and smiling.
These lovely clothes were sent by some of our wonderful friends who send parcels often.
Former royal seamstress, Margaret Sumpter, who made dresses for the Queen in the 1950s, and her daughter, Dawn Szpak who sponsors Mercy (far left)  made the dresses and shorts in the top picture.
The clothes our second picture were sent by Barbara Hall of Blackpool.
Barbara makes some of the items while she also sends other items donated to her.
Now the children have had fun modelling, the clothes will be popped into our store room until they are needed - everyone has their own clothes, outfits for best and playing out, which are replaced and replenished as and when they outgrown or worn out!
Thank you Margaret, Dawn and Barbara and to everyone who sends so many beautiful things for our kids.