Thursday, 23 July 2015

Teen mum gives birth to baby Nicolas

Meet baby Nicolas.
He came into the world in hospital on Monday, born to a 14 year old girl we took into our care in April.
She came to us from Kikambala Rescue Centre after being tragically treated by a relative trusted with her care.
Unworldly and no more than a child she was six months pregnant at the time and as the rescue centre is a temporary shelter, she was in need of a home.
And Mama and Uncle Billy felt that Happy House would be the safest place for her and fr her baby.
Being in our family has ensured that she has received  ante-natal care, good nutrition and counselling whilst also being in school and joining in family life with all our kids.
She was supported through childbirth by Happy House auntie Esther who took great care of her and brought her and her baby home late on Monday afternoon.
Baby Nicolas, weighing in at 3kg, has been welcomed into the family, and his mum is receiving the physical and emotional support she needs. 
Just a child herself, she still has a very long way to go . The older children in our family are understanding and caring, and all the family is thrilled to have a new little "brother"... 
Nicolas, just a gew hours old when our picture was taken,  and his mum have the best chance in life in our ever-supportive, ever loving Happy House family.
We desperately need sponsors for our children. Sponsorship is £20 a month and is so rewarding for both the child and their sponsor.
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