Friday, 17 July 2015

Hard times

 These are incredibly hard times for the coastal region of Kenya.
While there's good news in that the British Foreign Office has lifted its advice against travelling to Watamu, it is likely to be a long time before visitors return in previous numbers.
Much will depend on tour operators and when, or if, they reinstate package tours to our region.
We hope they will.
The Kenya Government is pulling out all the stops to promote travel to Kenya but, again, it will be a slow burn.
Prices for good and services have increased, and many things are hard to get.
The Happy House is suffering from price increases in so many areas, and the fall in the bonuses that visitors bring to us,  and our thrifty Mama Sue, who watches over ever shilling spent, has put a massive economy drive in place, cutting back wherever possible.
Several staff who have left are not being replaced for the time being.
We have so much to do. 
Our family has grown so much, and we still need to raise £15,000 to finish the secondary school by January.
The cutbacks made will not affect the kids, the older ones love helping out around the house and garden when they can, and all our kids continue to thrive.
But Mama ensures all the family are mindful that it is you, our friends and loyal supporters, who work so hard to make our Happy House the lovely home and school that it is.
It all our family's responsibility  to ensure that nothing is ever wasted.
With our careful Mama, and Yorkshireman, Papa Dave, at the helm we can be certain our money is in safe hands.
If you know of any charitable trusts, benefactors or philanthropists that we could approach to help finish our school or help in any other way please email