Thursday, 2 July 2015

Dream comes true for Ronald

Our many friends who haves sent letters, gifts, cards or emails to their sponsor child will have noticed that replies recently have come via Uncle Ronald .
Ronald Baya is a new addition to our staff. He is a recently qualified social worker who will be a valuable assistant for our wonderful Uncle Billy whose work load has grown as fast as our family!
For Ronald, 23,  a job at the Happy House is a dream come true as he explains:
 "I am the last born in a family of seven. In 1997, I was enrolled in Jimba-Gede primary school and eight years latter I was out with my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education [KCPE]. In the year 2006, I joined St. Teresa’s Secondary school. It was a missionary school and it was from there where my faith found its foundation.
Four years letter, I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education [KCSE] examination and attained a mean grade of C+ .
 After there I was employed as a Parents-Teachers Association [PTA] teacher at Jimba-Gede secondary school which was by then in its first year of operation.
In the year 2012, I joined Kobujoi Institute of Development Studies which specialises  in social work courses. I did a three years social work diploma course and by July, 2014 I was out.
Back home now with my papers, I started searching for a job. 
It wasn’t easy. 
That year ended with no hope despite applying so many jobs both online and by letter including all for volunteering.
Even getting a place to volunteer wasn’t that easy. 
By luck, in February this year I was called for a social work volunteer interview at Happy House and it was successful. I joined Happy House the same month to put all my knowledge into practical work.
It was so lovely. I was happily welcomed by Mama, Papa, Uncle Billy and the entire Happy House family.
I was taken by Aunt Velma for a guided tour and finally joined Uncle Billy in his office.
 Everything was in good order and I started working with the help of Uncle Billy. He has been so good to me and I have learnt a lot from him.
 In short, much of the experience I have up to now is from him.
As per the agreement at the day of interview I was to work with no pay but it was unfortunate that I was given a monthly allowance, which boosted me very much
I really thank Mama, Uncle Billy and the entire Happy House management team for recognizing my efforts that much.
Three months latter, I was called by Mama to her office. She was with Uncle Billy and Aunt Rose too. 
She told me that they have decided to offer me a job contract if I feel ok with Happy House.
 For sure I had no reason for rejection.
 I enjoy being with the kids and also the fact that I was in good hands of Mama, Uncle Billy and the rest, I signed the six months contract.
 I am glad to be a member of the Happy House."