Monday, 20 July 2015

A trip to the hair salon!

Hairdresser Natasha Wenman is now back in her own salon in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, but while she was helping out at Happy House she took the opportunity to go to the "salon" with our girls.

Our older girls go out to have their hair braided in what are locally known as "salons" , but they bear little resemblance to the hair salons we know.
Natasha said: Being a hairdresser I thought when some of the girls mentioned they were going to the "salon" that it would be interesting to go with them.
They had all been taking out each other's braids, hair washed, and they were ready for new braids to go in. 
Off we set, walking through local areas with everyone saying hello as we passed.
As there are so many girls, they go in groups to different "salons". No appointments are needed, it's something local ladies do outside their own homes.
Different from our salons, but it does the job!
They are so good at what they do, and so fast. The little ones sit on the floor, patiently, while their hair is sectioned and braided, 
The ladies were very keen to do mine.
I managed to talk them out of a whole head and compromised with one side.
 It was very tight, but looked good.
The girls liked that I'd had the same as them. I even had a go myself at braiding on Janet.
I didn't think my first attempt was too bad, but the ladies pretty much did a whole head in the time it took to do one plait.
The older girls are great at looking after the younger ones.
 It something I really noticed at Happy House with both the older boys and girls looking out for the little ones and helping the aunties.
 It is so lovely to see them all together as a family.
The salon experience is totally different to my own salon, but they work so hard and the results are fantastic as are their skills.