Wednesday, 22 July 2015

School Report: Three time winners!

Great news from school this week, with Madam Neema reporting:
Our Kindergarten kids swept the board when they competed in the Gede Inter-schools music festival competition.
Winners through the heats to get to this important stage, they were well rehearsed and beautifully turned out - every child look his or best in neatly pressed uniforms.
They performed in three categories - song, poem and tongue twister, and won them all!
The judges remarks were brilliant, with complimenting presentation, performance and appearance.
And their were big celebrations when our triumphant youngsters and their teachers returned home.
In other school news, everyone is working hard for the upcoming end of term exams and our KG kids have been enjoying outdoor activities including skipping and football.
The baby class pupils were playing in the sand pit and others were taking turns in swinging as part of their co-curriculum activities.