Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A new baby and tragic teen bring our family to 110

Two tragic young lives are set to be transformed by our Happy House magic.
A seven day old abandoned baby and a naive teenage girl, pregnant as a result of abuse by a adult relative, have been taken into the safe and caring embrace of our family.
Our new baby, who Mama and Papa have called Michael,  was left with a stranger by his mum who said she need to answer the call of nature. She didn't return.
Baby Michael was taken to hospital and then to a rescue centre  for temporary refuge until he could e placed in a home.
Our new girl,14, whose privacy we are protecting, was also in the Kikambala Rescue Centre,
Unworldly and no more than a child, she had been placed in the care of a relative by her mother who was unable to cope after the death of her husband.
A welcome awaits
But the child was failed by the relative who subjected her to abuse which resulted in pregnancy. She is now six months pregnant.
Mama  and Uncle BIlly made the decision to take her into her family because of her desperate and tragic circumstances. By being a part of our family she will be safe, get the medical attention and counselling she needs, will be in education and she, and her baby, will have the best chance in life.
Auntie Rose with our babe
"We are here for children who need us," said Mama.
It was not a decision taken lightly. Uncle Billy met and counselled the older children before she arrived.
With the generous spirit and kindness that pumps the heart of our Happy House, our family gathered to welcome their new baby brother and sister home.
They came home on Friday afternoon, and today they are settled and secure.
Baby Michael is doing what babies do best - sleeping and eating, and our new girl is enjoying the friendship of her new sisters and , at last, has a reason to smile.
We desperately need sponsors for our children. Sponsorship is £20 a month and is so rewarding for both the child and their sponsor.
 To find out more please email: elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net 
Please, can you help a child to have a better life?