Wednesday, 1 April 2015

School Report: End of term exams

Teacher Madam Catherine brings us the latest news from Happy House School:
We are now nearing the end of term and there been exams for Happy House pupils in kindergarten taking their  Early Childhood Development examinations and also for students in primary school.
Once gain our young sportsmen and women have scored successfully in ball games at cluster level against Watamu Primary and are expected go through to the zone level.
Teacher Madam Neli  supported  them at Watamu, a when the team representing our school comprised.:
Netball: Janet Medza; Moneni Dennis; Katana Ngari.
Football: Kelvin Baraka; Margaret Kenga
Well done everyone.

Bed appeal

We are now up to 59  new beds and mattresses for our children, thanks to you.
The Bed Appeal is for our  5th birthday as ,after five years of continuous use, most of our beds have reached,or are nearing, the end of their useful lives.
We are making the new beds at the Happy House with locally sourced materials.
 A new bed costs £25 and a mattress £15, If you would like to donate (and every penny helps) please go to: