Monday, 13 April 2015

More school building work gets started

There's never time to stand still at Happy House!
Since the end of last year, the kindergarten and primary school has been relocated to a new site and the rooms at home, previously used as classrooms have been turned into bedrooms with toilets and shower room, for the our older girls.
Now the first phase of our secondary school is underway.
The foundation, which had already been laid, was found to need some reinforcing which has been completed and the build started.
This will comprise computer room, library and science laboratory.
Blackpool branch of Soroptimist International kindly donated funds for the lab from the Christine Walker Memorial Fund, whilst other donations have been secured towards the remainder.
These facilities will be used by our lower school and the secondary school, so they are taking priority.
We will take the build as far as we can and stop there, to give Mama and Elizabeth a chance to find and explore more avenues in their attempts to secure funding to complete and start the second phase of the school which we must have built and ready to take its first pupils by January next year.
Starting the build now, whilst so many people in our community are out of work, means that we are providing work for some, at least, and they will be able to feed their families.
If you know of any organisations, businesses, individuals, charitable trusts or institutions we could apply to, please contact Mama Sue or Elizabeth - or
Thank you.