Thursday, 9 April 2015

Changing rooms - our girls on the move

It has been changing rooms at the Happy House this week.
Our older girls are now moved into their newly finished bedrooms.
The rooms, formerly used for the primary school have been turned into a self-contained bedroom area, with its own showers and toilets installed, for use by the older girls.
They also have their own laundry room where the Auntie  responsible for the rooms and their occupants will be able to do their laundry.
The washing machine has been bought with money very kindly donated by the English School in Padua, Italy,
The first of the new beds to be completed- thanks to your donations we have raised enough to cover the cost of  60 beds, being made by our joiner,  and mattresses.
The rooms have matching curtains and bedspreads, made at the Happy House, and locally made wicker storage units and laundry baskets add finishing touches. Shelving and lockers provide personal space for each girl to keep her clothes,
The girls' have been involved at every stage and were so excited about moving.
So there were lots of willing hands ready to help when it came to moving furniture and belongings into their lovely bedrooms.
Turning the classrooms into bedrooms  as quickly as possible had become a necessity as we have had so many children joining our family since the end of last year.
Once we had completed the relocation of the school to a new site we were able to go ahead.
Now the the little ones who sleep in bedrooms on the ground floor have lots more room while the bigger girls and boys have their own lovely rooms in separate self-contained areas, each with their own access,  upstairs.                     

 Buy a bed appeal

 After five years of continuous use, most of our beds have reached,or are nearing, the end of their useful lives.
We are making the new beds at the Happy House with locally sourced materials.
Thanks to you we have raised enough for 60 beds, but we still need more.
 A new bed costs £25 and a mattress £15, If you would like to donate (and every penny helps) please go to: