Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What a difference a year makes

 Sarah and John Flanagan make a trip to Kenya every year and for the past few years visiting the Happy House has been high on their agenda.
Sarah, who first met Mama Sue at a Lancashire Woman of the Year lunch, volunteered in our school a couple of years age and she and John are in Hassan's sponsor family.
On this visit they very kindly brought money for groceries for Happy House and enjoyed going to the shop with Uncle Billy, Hassan and some of the kids to buy them as Sarah tells us in today's blog:
It has been so wonderful to visit The Happy House again on our annual visit to Kenya.
 A year makes a big difference and the changes are not only noticeable but so impressive.
Hassan with John.
 The new primary school has now moved up the lane....with airy large classrooms and a large recreational area and toilets
All this has been achieved in just ten weeks with workers often carrying on through the night!
Of course the children have also grown....some now look so grown up and our sponsor child Hassan is going to be eleven next week
. On Friday we went with Uncle Billy, Hassan and his friends to buy essential provisions: rice,cooking oil, nappies and shoe polish!! The boys were so well behaved (including Uncle Billy!) and they all wanted to help load and unload the shopping.
On Saturday, we went back for a very special celebration laid on for Papa Dave.
It was his birthday, and we knew he hoped Leeds United would win that day,  but they were playing Blackburn Rovers (our home team) so there was some intense rivalry over the birthday cake!
As ever we have been so impressed and charmed by the children's behaviour and their care and consideration for each other ... they are polite, respectful, confident and, above all, Happy..
It has been a privilege to spend time with them again.