Thursday, 2 April 2015

Guests and greetings

Mama and Papa were at home to greet two Italian families when they came to visit Happy House.
The Barbara and Guiseppe Scalise and their children Emanuele and Frederica and Simona and Daniele  Pelissero and tehir son  Jacopo , staying at Seven Island Hotel, very kindly brought with them gifts of groceries and clothing for our children.
We are very grateful to them for their kindness and the interest they showed in our family.

There were more visitors at Kidz Club when Sarah and John Flanaghan, who are in Hassan's sponsor family, joined the family for their special weekly gathering.
Sarah and John had a lovely time with the family and are looking forward to a return trip today.
Four birthday children were celebrated at Kidz Club. Evans, Shakila, Kezia and Victoria  received gifts and greetings.

Bed Appeal

Five years wear and tear and beds (at Happy House Children's Home, Kenya,  are on their last legs.
The best 5th  anniversary gift you could make to our family please, is to help towards buying a bed. We are buying materials and making them at Happy House. Bed £25; mattress £15