Wednesday, 22 April 2015

School Report: Busy way to relax

School Report today puts the spotlight on Holiday Club. Mr Omoi writes:
The term is over and children are enjoying holiday club activities. 
Everyone is happy and having fun, the older boys and girls are specially interested in the new activities introduced like mechanics and electrical skills.
Reading is popular as always and is a chance for kids improve their language skills through the reading the books found in the Library.
Holiday club is a way of relaxing after the longest term of academics. 
Art is not neglected as children use their creative skills to colour and make picturess.
 I was also impressed by the group who were  so eagerly cleaning the kitchen and helping with the preparation of food as part of an activity,
Computer skills are still in progress as kids were learning using the DVD/ CD ROMS available. 
We also have other kids in the garden learning how to take care of crops
In the afternoon we have sports where kids practice their game skills in  football, volleyball etc.
Thank you Mr Postman!
A smiling delivery driver called at Elizabeth Gomm's Blackpool home yesterday with a pile of parcels full of croc-type clogs for our kids.
Elizabeth put out a Happy House  appeal for the shoes, ideal for playing out in as they are both durable and washable, on Facebook at the weekend and a steady flow of clogs has been arriving at her home ever since.
"When the Hermes driver arrived today with four big bags and a box full, all bought by our  friends from Wynsors online, I couldn't believe my eyes!"
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.