Saturday, 11 April 2015

So much kindness

Charity, Brian and Said

Our family has so many lovely friends, and where would we be without you?

Ludwin and Eve
You help to bring smiles and security to our children in so many ways, from sponsoring, fundraising, making donations and sending parcels to telling your friends about us too,
Every gesture of kindness means the world, and every penny really counts, and goes exactly where you intended - to helping out children.
Peter and Paul
That is why we take try to ensure that when you send something to our children you get a picture and a letter of thanks.
This week several parcels have arrived containing lovely things for our children including clothing, school bags, books and baby boots! 
Thank you Betty
Thanks Janet
Thank you to  Janet Zoller,, Betty Hatch  (who is in Salama's sponsor family), to  Vicky Simpson and Shaun Windram for sending new outfits for their special friends  Peter and Paul, and to Brenda Groves (Charity's family) for sending school bags for Charity, Said (her granddaughter Chloe is in his sponsor family) and for Brian and scholarship student Lovinne,  who her brother Terry Stock sponsors.
We so appreciate your kindness., thank you again.